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Saturday, July 14th 2012

1:03 PM

Preteen stories xn


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From: DOGG
Subject: bruthaly luv-6BRUTHALY LUV -6
Dan Edwards was heading into his new place of business, when he
unexpectedly got a call on his cell phone. Not recognizing the number, he
picked up cautiously, hoping it wasn't a telemarketer?
"Hello?? Dan Edwards here?" he said, curious.
"Hi Dan?, this is Marlon, Crystal's roommate?, we met last night when you
took her out on a date?!"
"Oh yes?, I remember?" said Dan, walking into work with his briefcase in
one hand and his cell phone to his ear in another? "?what bbs horny preteen can I do for
you?? Is Crystal alright??"
"She's fine?" said Marlon, "?in fact, she'd be MAD at me if she knew I was
calling you?! But she had a real good time with you last night, and is
worried that you haven't called her yet to ask her out again. I just wanted
to tell you if you really liked her, you should think about calling her as
soon as possible, before she starts thinking you didn't have a nice time?,
and if you DON'T intend on calling her?, then don't string her on! Cut her
lose before she gets too attached to you! Crystal ain't the type to give it
up to a guy on the first date?!"
"She told you about that??" asked Dan, waiting on the elevator with about
20 other anxious office workers (holding coffee and danishes while reading
the morning paper).
"She didn't have to?" said Marlon. "?I guessed! I could tell she did
something just by how kogal preteens happy she looked!" he explained. "I'd appreciate it
if you didn't tell her I called you?!"
"How did you get my number??" asked Marcus curiously, stepping onto the
"I stole her phone while she's in preteen russian nymphetes the shower?" said Marlon, hanging up.
Dan smiled, putting his cell phone in his pocket. Crystal really
wasn't his type, and he really had no intentions on calling her back
despite the mediocre night he had. But Marlon?, Marlon was definitely
someone he could get into, someone he could get to know better. Perhaps
calling Crystal deserved reconsidering??________________________________________
Written by NPhillydogg (aka) Eugene Marvin.
Hit me up at NPhillydoggaol.com for
questions, comments, and suggestions,
or, join me on Facebook for a list of updates.

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Saturday, July 14th 2012

12:00 AM

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